Neutral Posture BTC16800 High Back Minimal Contour Large Seat Big & Tall Chair
Neutral Posture BTC16800 High Back Minimal Contour Large Seat Big & Tall Chair

Neutral Posture BTC16800 High Back Minimal Contour Large Seat Big & Tall Chair

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Supports up to 500 lbs.
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Neutral Posture BTC16800 High Back Minimal Contour Large Seat Seat Big & Tall Chair. Neutral Posture’s high performance chairs are truly at the top of the line in the industry when it comes to comfort. The chairs offer up to 11 adjustments ensuring that the chair will fit every inch of your body just right. Our high performance chairs are made to fit anyone and everyone, with our Neutral Posture Series chairs fitting anyone within the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male and the XSM and the Big and Tall fitting anyone outside that range. These chairs are also well known for their weight dispersing abilities. Weight dispersion presents a much more comfortable seat by spreading out the weight of your body, lowering the pressure by 50%. The high performance seating is engineered as a tool to empower those who use it. The high performance seating can be used for long periods of time promoting productivity and are just as comfy at the end of the day as they were at the beginning. This product is considered to be a non-stock special order item and is not subject to return.

Standard Features: Oversized Padded Arms, Carpet Casters, 28" Intensive Use Black Base, 5" Cylinder and Seat Slider

Office Ergonomic Principles


  • Set the height of your chair to allow support of your feet with either a footrest, Fring™ Footrest or if your workstation height will allow, place them flat on the floor supporting your feet and lower legs only.
  • Make sure the angle between your torso and legs is greater than 90°.
  • Allow 2" – 4" of space between the waterfall front of the seat cushion and the back of your knee.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Support your forearms while keeping your elbows and wrists in a neutral position with your wrists at or below elbow height.
  • Position the backrest nearly upright, or slightly reclined if you have head support.
  • Fine tune the backrest to provide full support of your lumbar curve.

  • Keyboard

  • Adjust the keyboard to keep your arms, wrists and hands in a straight line. Your hands should be slightly lower than your elbows.
  • Place the mouse and keyboard at the same height with the mouse close to the keyboard.
  • Allow sufficient clearance below the keyboard for your knees and legs to move (at least 1" – 2").


  • Place directly in front of the keyboard (centered on "g/h" split of the keyboard) with the top of the screen at or below eye level (at least 24" from eyes).
  • Adjust the screen angle to eliminate glare.
  • Use a document holder to place documents as close to the monitor as possible, preferably at the same height and viewing distance from your eyes.
  • Illuminate your documents properly with direct task lighting.
  • To reduce eye strain avert your eyes from the monitor periodically and focus on distant objects.
Workplace Solutions
Back to Work Cases, Workers Comp and General Seated Discomfort

Neutral Posture Series (NPS) chairs are often prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors, and others medical professionals who recognize them as a practical and effectiveness solution to body pain associated with, or exacerbated by long term sitting. Back pain, neck/shoulder pain are very common issues among seated workers, and a chair that provide little or poor support contributes to the problem.

NPS chairs are FDA registered (#1644461) with the FDA as a durable medical device. As a result, Worker's Comp and insurance carriers have been known to purchase NPS chairs for clients submitting a Doctor's prescription that references this FDA registration. Neutral Posture offers a form letter of medical necessity that can serve as a guide for that prescription. 

Every NPS chair includes a wide range of active ergonomic adjustments combined with unique passive features like the patented contoured seats and backrests, to provide optimal body support in a wide range of seated postures at work, including the more open neutral-posture. Standard features include: 

  • Seat height, seat depth and seat tilt with forward tilt limiter and tension control
  • Backrest height, backrest angle and built-in inflatable lumbar pillow
  • Armrest height, armrest width and armrest angle with 360° rotation/angle
  • *Multiple layered foam, patented seat contours that disburse seated pressure
Neutral Posture is the more stress free posture, and the forward tilt capability of the NPS chair encourages and supports this more open-body posture, up to 120° truck-thigh angle, as well as the traditional upright, 90° trunk-thigh angle, posture. Varying trunk-thigh angle during the day, while maintaining optimal support for arms and back, the seated worker begins to enjoy reduced body stress and fatigue by eliminating a sedentary static posture, while maintaining productivity. **Alternating standing and sitting while working is another beneficial posture change, and the NPS chair can be easily configured to a stool height that will accommodate a standing height (~40”) work surface.

NPS chairs meet or exceed the most current ergonomic standards for seating as established by ANSI/HFES 100-2007 (American National Standards Institute / Human Factor & Ergonomic Society)

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