We have all heard the term and become familiar with "social distancing" but what does that mean for the office and is it possible to implement?  As we have acclimated to our new temporary normal of at home office spaces and video meetings we have begun to wonder, "What happens when we head back to the office?" I know this is something we have been thinking about in our own office at JLM as we know that the ramifications of Covid-19, and social distancing, aren't going away anytime soon.  In the last few years, our most popular workstations have been a low panel and open work environment using our "6 person dogbone" workstation but it has become apparent that our workplace, in some industries, will be changing and adapting to our new social norm. As a result, our team at JLM Office has been researching and working around the clock adding eye catching and functional products that will help to easy your mind as you head back to the office with confidence and allowing you to get back to work quickly and safely.

6 Person Dogbone

There is now more than ever a need for a cost-effective solution to extend the height of existing low workstation panels that are in today's offices.  A great option that we have is from Mergeworks where we have the ability to add stacker panels on top of your existing cubicle system or to your desks.  Stackers are available in clear or 8 colors of frosted acrylic for a clean contemporary look, or in multiple fabric choices to assist with acoustics.  

We at JLM Office are in this with you and are sensitive to all of your social distancing needs to transition you back into the office!  https://www.buyworkchairs.com/Social-Distancing-Products_c_832.html

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